Pedigree of Laytons

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A Pedigree of Rawdon

Pedigree of Laytons
Pedigree of Laytons



The content of the website comes from the book "A History of Rawdon" author D. C. Willcock published 2000. 400 copies were printed and sold out immediately.

Born in Horsforth 1924 David Willcock has lived most of his life in Horsforth & Rawdon. The only son of Clarence Henry Willcock. (aka Harry Willcock and Harry Clary)

With a keen interest in history the content traces the development of this quintessential English village. Whilst every care was taken in the writing if you feel that there are factual errors please do suggest corrections via

For more general enquiries Aireborough Historical Society provides a fantastic resource. D C Willcock was proud to be its Chairman in 2000.

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